The reason I chose to research this particular theme is that I have always been interested in human behaviours. Particular in males because I am male myself and trying to understand why males have to show their ‘macho’ side to try and impress and not knowing the dangers of teaching and practising toxic masculinities.

Reading and researching this subject matter, I have come to my conclusion on what toxic masculinity represents. My interpretation of what toxic masculinity is. My interpretation is that the idea of teachings of toxic masculinity can be seen not as human beings but as objects. The notion of suppressing your feelings hides the human element in all of us. Using the idea that men are more of a statuesque presence with no emotion rather than a human being who has no fear.

My work so far

What I have produced on the first part of the project is a series of images representing how we struggle when facing toxic masculinity in our lives.

I have experimented with the motion blur technique to emphasize the fact that we are losing identity

Losing Identity
Losing Identity
Losing Identity

I have used this technique to show how toxic masculinity is always around if there is a constant fear of judgement


The struggle we face when will let the teachings of Toxic Masculinity influence how we live and not be our true selves.


It is hard to show who you truly are when you are being judged. Not being able to express how we feel and make us not human but rather statues as presented to society. It is time to take off the mask of toxic masculinity and be more natural and human.

Stop Wearing the Mask Of T.M



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