Toxic Masculinity — Part 4

As part of my mixed methodologies approach and my narrative on toxic masculinity, I want to create this project as a development of what Toxic Masculinity is. However, as part of my research, I would also like to experiment with the idea of the qualitative approach. With this type of methodology, I would like to explore it by collaborating with six participants to discuss what they think about the subject matter and share experiences on a personal level.

For some of their answers and talks, I would like to create photo imagery on how these people interpret toxic masculinity so that I will have more contextual research. Moreover, for every participant, I would take a portrait photo of them.

However, in order to do that, I will also be handing a consent form. The participants who were willing to collaborate are five males and a woman. I also divided the age groups mostly from mid-twenties the too early thirties up to mid-sixties.

These are the questions I prepared before I sat down and started discussing with them:

What do you know about Toxic Masculinity?

Growing up did you ever experienced the pressure of the teachings of toxic masculinity or yet did you ever feel that T.M. is creating problems in your life?Have you ever feared T.M.?
What is the ideal man means to you? Does a man need to physically be strong?
What do you think toxic masculinity does to males?
Do you think that the media is helping men by always showing the ideal man as a Greek God Statue?
Do you believe in gender roles?
Do you believe that society needs to teach males in how to live in a healthy masculinity?
What message would you tell to young parents who are raising boys?
After this discussion, what is your interpretation of Toxic Masculinity?



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